Pay Only Rs.500 per Crore Turnover

        We are happy to serve you to trade in Nse EQ, F&o and Mcx commodity futures at just Rs. 500 per one crore turnover as intraday brokerage. If you pay more than 0.005% brokerage? Don't worry, you reached the right place to avail 0.005% brokerage without paying any advance brokerage. All you have to do now Just give a missed call to the number given above.

It's Completly free for all

  1. Free a/c opening.
  2. Free annual maintenance.
  3. Free trading software.
  4. Live news update.
  5. No advance brokerage.
  6. Call and Trade facility.
  7. Just transfer your fund and start trading instantly.
  8. Lightning speed trading platform.

Simple Pricing  for all Traders

  1. 100%cash for delivery
  2. 1:4 margin for intraday .
  3. 150% margin for F&O carryforward
  4. 65% margin for F&O intraday
  5. No minimum brokerage.
  6. No monthly subscription.
  7. No hidden fees, No Surprises.
  8. Stocks, Futures,Options
  9. Agri Commodities, Metals, Crude
  10. Simple Pricing
  11. Trading instantly.
  12. Maintain Rs. 25000 /- margin .