You must be aware that the law pre­sumes that every man should not only know EVERY law but also the mean­ing and impli­ca­tion of every sec­tion and word con­tained there­in. You will appre­ci­ate that if we were to try to remem­ber only the basic laws effect­ing our day to day lives it would take us sev­er­al years of con­cen­trat­ed efforts just to be able to under­stand a few. Hence, we at G.S.V. Secu­ri­ties have tried to do away with your tedious task of look­ing up and under­stand­ing the law with respect to your use of our web site and have here­in below pro­vid­ed you with the rights, lim­i­ta­tions and oblig­a­tions with­in the frame­work of which, if agreed upon by you, in its entire­ty, then only can a rela­tion­ship between us can be con­sum­mat­ed.

As we would like to know you bet­ter we expect you too would like to know us bet­ter. We are, GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt. Ltd., incor­po­rat­ed under the Com­pa­nies Act,1956 hav­ing cor­po­rate off ice at 49–24-62, 2nd floor, Coastal Heights, Shankar­matam Road,Visakhapatnam. Our main busi­ness is of Stock broking and we are mem­bers of , Nation­al Stock Exchange of India Pvt. Ltd. (NSE) ‚Mul­ti­Com­modi­ties Exchange of India that is MCX . We are reg­is­tered as Depos­i­to­ry Par­tic­i­pant with Cen­tral Depos­i­to­ry Ser­vices (India) Pvt. Ltd. (CDSL).

In our con­stant efforts of pro­vid­ing good and cost effec­tive ser­vice to our clients we decid­ed to add online trad­ing to our long list of ser­vices and have cre­at­ed this web site and named it as gsvsecurities.com. Our web site shall pro­vide you with a wide vari­ety of online infor­ma­tion and ser­vices with respect to stocks, invest­ments includ­ing con­tents and appli­ca­tions which could either be gen­er­al and or per­son­al­ized in nature. In order to keep our stan­dards we main­tain, man­age and oper­ate our web site along with a team of ded­i­cat­ed and spe­cial­ized insti­tu­tions and cor­po­ra­tions who are asso­ci­at­ed with us either as affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates and or sub­sidiaries.

Any per­son can use and par­tic­i­pate in our web site as long as he or she is a major i.e. attained the age of 18 years and capa­ble of enter­ing into a legal con­tract as per the laws in India. On your reg­is­ter­ing with our web site and or access­ing and or trans­mit­ting any data and or infor­ma­tion, or oth­er­wise par­tic­i­pat­ing and or using our web site in any man­ner, would indi­cate that you have under­stood, appre­ci­at­ed and accept­ed the rights and oblig­a­tions vol­un­tar­i­ly, that would, there after exist between us, in total­i­ty and with­out any mod­i­fi­ca­tion to the con­tents con­tained here­in. We in order to pro­tect yours as well as our inter­ests and secu­ri­ty may require to alter and or amend the rights, lim­i­ta­tions and oblig­a­tions con­tained here­in with­out any notice and or advise to you. Hence we advise and rec­om­mend that you check this web page of this web site on a reg­u­lar basis.

Through this web site you would be linked to oth­er web sites, web pages and or offers which would require you to under­stand and accept addi­tion­al rights and or oblig­a­tions in order to par­tic­i­pate. Such addi­tion­al rights and oblig­a­tions may have been pro­vid­ed for in this mutu­al under­stand­ing but we can­not guar­an­tee its exis­tence in entire­ty, hence the same at length shall be avail­able on those respec­tive web site, pages and or offers that are being vis­it­ed and or viewed. In the event that any of the addi­tion­al rights and oblig­a­tions accept­ed by you are ever in con­flict, in what­so­ev­er man­ner with your rights and oblig­a­tions con­tained here­in, then these terms shall con­trol. Unless men­tioned oth­er­wise here­in or on the respec­tive web site and or web pages, all the rights, oblig­a­tions and lim­i­ta­tions con­tained here­in shall super­sede all pre­vi­ous terms and con­di­tions. For rea­sons what­so­ev­er if you may not appre­ci­ate our care and con­cern and the con­tents here­in we can only advise you to, if at all, not to access or trans­mit any data and or infor­ma­tion, par­tic­i­pate and or use our web site in any man­ner in mutu­al inter­ests.

Cor­re­spon­dence Address: 49–24-62, 2nd floor, Coastal Heights, Shankar­matam Road,Visakhapatnam -530016 Tel no: 0891–2788111. SEBI Reg No: NSE INB/INF/INE 231274839, CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL-419‑2007. Invest­ments in secu­ri­ties are sub­ject to mar­ket risk; please read the SEBI pre­scribed Com­bined Risk Dis­clo­sure Doc­u­ment pri­or to invest­ing.


The infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by you, shall at all times be cur­rent, truth­ful, accu­rate, com­plete and updat­ed by you reg­u­lar­ly .The mak­ing of any false state­ments, non dis­clo­sure and or fail­ure to pro­vide time­ly updates of nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion and facts would sub­ject you to civ­il and crim­i­nal lia­bil­i­ties, penal­ties, non reg­is­tra­tion and or deac­ti­va­tion of your exist­ing account with our web site with­out notice or inti­ma­tion of any kind to you. We may at times need to edit, alter and or remove any infor­ma­tion in whole or in part that may be avail­able on our web site and that we shall not be held respon­si­ble for all or any actions that may sub­se­quent­ly cul­mi­nate into any loss, dam­age and or lia­bil­i­ty. Under cer­tain cir­cum­stances it may become nec­es­sary for us to dis­close your per­son­al infor­ma­tion or to adhere to the bonafide requests of the gov­ern­ment and or law in either case we shall be bound and shall at all times have the legal right to dis­close any or all of your per­son­al infor­ma­tion.
Please note that by sub­mit­ting the per­son­al details, you are autho­ris­ing us/GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd to call you and send pro­mo­tion­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion even though you may be reg­is­tered under DNC.


In order to main­tain effec­tive con­trol and pro­vide good ser­vice to you, you would be per­mit­ted to main­tain ONLY ONE account with us at all times, unless a pre­vi­ous reg­is­tra­tion and or account of yours has been deac­ti­vat­ed, invalid, inop­er­a­tive or oth­er­wise. Fail­ure on your part to dis­close such infor­ma­tion shall make you liable for hav­ing your account deac­ti­vat­ed and or be liable to be pros­e­cut­ed under the civ­il and crim­i­nal pro­ce­dures of law.


As part of the reg­is­tra­tion process, you will be asked to select a User Name and Pass­word for access­ing our ser­vices on this web­site. We reserve the right at our sole dis­cre­tion to refuse to grant you a User Name if the user­name is fic­ti­tious, or an imper­son­ation of some­one else, ille­gal, pro­tect­ed by a trade­mark, copy­right or oth­er legal pro­pri­etary right, vul­gar, obscene or offen­sive in any way, or may cause con­fu­sion to oth­er mem­bers of the web­site Site. You agree not to pro­vide or make known your User Name, Pass­word or e-mail address to any oth­er per­son for the pur­pose of facil­i­tat­ing such person’s access and unau­tho­rized use of this web­site.

You shall be the only autho­rized user of this web­site through your User Name and Pass­word. You also agree that you shall be sole­ly respon­si­ble for all mes­sages post­ed, state­ments made, or acts or omis­sions that occur with­in this web­site through the use of your User Name and Pass­word. If you allow third par­ties to access this web­site through your User Name and Pass­word, you will defend and indem­ni­fy us its our affil­i­ates and any inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor engaged by us to assist in mon­i­tor­ing our web­site, against any lia­bil­i­ty, costs or dam­ages aris­ing out of claims or suits by such third par­ties based upon or relat­ing to such access and use. If you believe some­one has used your Pass­word with­out your autho­riza­tion, or has, in your judg­ment, vio­lat­ed these Terms and Con­di­tions, you should noti­fy us imme­di­ate­ly..
We wish to cau­tion you that we have no con­trol over the han­dling of per­son­al infor­ma­tion or endorse the con­tent, mes­sages or infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by the link sites avail­able on or through our web site which com­pels us to dis­claim any lia­bil­i­ty with regard to any actions result­ing from your par­tic­i­pa­tion in any linked site.

Lim­i­ta­tion of War­ranties and Indem­ni­fi­ca­tion:

Our need to launch this web site has been to pro­vide for online trad­ing of stocks to our clients and also felt that it would be appre­ci­at­ed by you if you were to find all nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion with respect to stocks on our web site. In order to pro­vide you with the lat­est and updat­ed infor­ma­tion on stocks we have asso­ci­at­ed with the best in the field who will pro­vide their con­tents, prod­ucts and ser­vices. All the con­tent and or the mate­r­i­al made avail­able on this web site or the linked sites are pro­vid­ed to you “AS IS ” and with­out war­ran­ty of any kind from us whether express or implied includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to, the implied war­ranties of mer­chantabil­i­ty and fit­ness for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose, title, non-infringe­ment, secu­ri­ty or accu­ra­cy and nor do we nor our affil­i­ates, direc­tors, employ­ees, asso­ciates or oth­er rep­re­sen­ta­tives, agents, and or sub­sidiaries endorse or take any respon­si­bil­i­ty for The accu­ra­cy or reli­a­bil­i­ty of any opin­ion, advice or state­ment made through the site or a linked site .
The capa­bil­i­ties or reli­a­bil­i­ty of any prod­uct or ser­vice obtained from a linked site, or Make good all or part of any loss and or dam­age that may have been caused by the or user’s reliance on any infor­ma­tion, advice, prod­uct or ser­vice obtained from a linked site.Hence it would be your respon­si­bil­i­ty to eval­u­ate any inac­cu­ra­cy, error, or delay in, or omis­sion of any such data, infor­ma­tion, or mes­sage with­in our web site or (ii) the trans­mis­sion or deliv­ery of any data, infor­ma­tion, or mes­sage; or (iii) any loss,expense, cost or dam­age aris­ing from or occa­sioned by any such inac­cu­ra­cy, error, delay, or omis­sion, non-per­for­mance, or inter­rup­tion of any data, infor­ma­tion, or mes­sage, due either to any neg­li­gent act or omis­sion by us or our affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates and or sub­sidiaries , or “force majeure” (i.e., flood, extra­or­di­nary weath­er con­di­tions, earth­quake, or oth­er act of God, fire, war, insur­rec­tion, riot, labor dis­pute, acci­dent, action of gov­ern­ment, com­mu­ni­ca­tions pow­er fail­ure, or equip­ment or soft­ware mal­func­tion) or any oth­er cause or cir­cum­stances beyond the rea­son­able con­trol of GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd.
The infor­ma­tion that we pro­vide is not intend­ed to be used by you as the sole basis for invest­ment deci­sions, nor should it be con­strued as advice designed to meet the par­tic­u­lar needs of an indi­vid­ual investor. In your inter­ests we advise that you seek the advice of pro­fes­sion­als, as appro­pri­ate, regard­ing the eval­u­a­tion of any spe­cif­ic opin­ion, advice, prod­uct ser­vice or oth­er con­tent made avail­able to you through this web site or obtained from a linked site. Hence should you act on any infor­ma­tion, advice and or opin­ion avail­able either on our web site or those sites linked with us you will not hold us nor our direc­tors, employ­ees, affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates and or sub­sidiaries or oth­er rep­re­sen­ta­tives liable for mak­ing good all or any loss or dam­age that has emanat­ed from adher­ing upon any infor­ma­tion, advise or opin­ion avail­able on all or any of the web pages of our web site or those linked with us..
You agree that nei­ther us nor our affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates and or sub­sidiaries and any of our respec­tive offi­cers, direc­tors, employ­ees, or agents will not be liable, whether in con­tract, tort, strict lia­bil­i­ty or oth­er­wise, for any indi­rect, puni­tive, spe­cial, con­se­quen­tial, inci­den­tal or indi­rect dam­ages (includ­ing with­out lim­i­ta­tion lost prof­its, cost of procur­ing sub­sti­tute ser­vice or lost opportunity)arising out of or in con­nec­tion with the use of our web site and or a linked site, or with the delay or inabil­i­ty to use the site or a linked site, even if we have been made aware of the pos­si­bil­i­ty of such dam­ages. This lim­i­ta­tion on lia­bil­i­ty includes, but is not lim­it­ed to, the trans­mis­sion of any virus­es which may infect a user’s equip­ment, fail­ure of mechan­i­cal or elec­tron­ic equip­ment or com­mu­ni­ca­tion lines, tele­phone or oth­er inter­con­nect prob­lems (e.g., you can­not access your inter­net ser­vice provider), unau­tho­rized access, theft, oper­a­tor errors, strikes or oth­er labor prob­lems or any force majeure, we can­not and do not guar­an­tee con­tin­u­ous, unin­ter­rupt­ed or secure access to the inter­net, our web site or linked site..
GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd. pro­vides links to these oth­er web sites only as a con­ve­nience to you and any access by you of any oth­er linked site shall be at your con­se­quences. We nor our respec­tive sup­pli­ers make any rep­re­sen­ta­tions about the suit­abil­i­ty, reli­a­bil­i­ty, avail­abil­i­ty, time­li­ness, and accu­ra­cy of the infor­ma­tion, prod­ucts, ser­vices, and relat­ed graph­ics con­tained on the web site for any pur­pose. Fur­ther we reserve our right to dis­able any unau­tho­rized links or frames and specif­i­cal­ly dis­claim any respon­si­bil­i­ty for the con­tent avail­able on any oth­er Inter­net sites linked to us.


All the trade­marks, logos and ser­vice marks, infor­ma­tion and con­tent pro­vid­ed on our web site includ­ing its design struc­ture and com­pi­la­tion are pri­vate­ly owned Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty Rights of either GSV Secu­ri­ties and or its affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates, sub­sidiaries and or oth­er­wise per­mit­ted by us adver­tise on our web site. Unless oth­er­wise not­ed you shall not copy, down­load or and print doc­u­ments from our web site for any com­mer­cial pur­pos­es and shall not post, dis­trib­ute trans­mit dis­play pub­lish sell or mod­i­fy them or remove any copy­right trade mark or oth­er pro­pri­etary notices. For per­mis­sion to use third par­ty mate­ri­als appear­ing on our web site, please con­tact the copy­right own­er..
Also the trade­marks, logos and ser­vice marks avail­able on our web site is an invalu­able assets of GSV Secu­ri­ties and or its affil­i­ates, agents, asso­ciates, sub­sidiaries and oth­er par­ties, who have been autho­rized by us to dis­play the same on our web site. In our endeav­or to serve and pro­tect your inter­ests and rights, we would appre­ci­ate if you could inform us in writ­ing at info@gsvsecurities.com Giv­ing all nec­es­sary details of the vio­la­tion or infringe­ment of our trade­marks, logos and ser­vice marks which are either pro­tect­ed by us and or avail­able on our web site. The infor­ma­tion thus pro­vid­ed by you would be for­ward­ed to our legal advi­sors for opin­ion on all or any legal recourse that can or should be adopt­ed by us in order to pro­tect our in tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty rights.


We reserves the right to store infor­ma­tion on a user’s com­put­er in the form of a “cook­ie” or a sim­i­lar file and the uti­liza­tion of all or any infor­ma­tion derived there from by us.


As we are incor­po­rat­ed under the laws of India, you will appre­ci­ate that we can only abide and fol­low the laws of this land for enter­ing and or ful­fill­ing this Agree­ment between the two of us i.e you and us. For the sake of juris­dic­tion for all or any dis­putes aris­ing out of or relat­ing to the use of this web sites the courts in the city of Hyder­abad in the state of Andhrapradesh, shall ONLY have juris­dic­tion. The access and or use by you of our web site shall be deemed to be UNAUTHORIZED if the terms and con­di­tions con­tained here­in, in part or in full includ­ing this para­graph are not rec­og­nized and or not capa­ble of being enforced in the coun­try and or juris­dic­tion from where you have vol­un­tar­i­ly­or oth­er­wise accessed and or used our web site in any man­ner. You under­stand and agree that no joint ven­ture, part­ner­ship, employ­ment, or agency rela­tion­ship exists between you and us as a result of this Agree­ment or on account of use of our web site. We reserves the right to com­ply with any legal, gov­ern­ment, court and or law enforc­ing author­i­ties request, require­ment and or order to pro­vide in part and or full, any infor­ma­tion relat­ed to our web site and or its use and or the infor­ma­tion gath­ered and or col­lect­ed by us, in reg­u­lar course or oth­er­wise and such an act by us shall not cause the dero­ga­tion of our right with respect to this Agree­ment nor shall it cause this Agree­ment to be null, void and or vio­la­tion of any terms and con­di­tions con­tained here­in. If at time dur­ing the exis­tence and sub­sis­tence of this Agree­ment any part of this Agree­ment is con­clud­ed to be invalid or unen­force­able by any law that may be applic­a­ble to this Agree­ment in India shall include, but not lim­it­ed to, the war­ran­ty dis­claimers and lia­bil­i­ty lim­i­ta­tions set forth above, then the invalid or unen­force­able pro­vi­sion will be deemed super­seded by a valid, enforce­able pro­vi­sion that most close­ly match­es the intent of the orig­i­nal pro­vi­sion and the remain­der of the agree­ment shall con­tin­ue in effect. Unless oth­er­wise express­ly pro­vid­ed here­in, this Agree­ment, its pro­vi­sions and inten­tions con­sti­tutes the entire Agree­ment between you and us with respect to this web sites of ours and it super­sedes all pri­or or con­tem­po­ra­ne­ous com­mu­ni­ca­tions and pro­pos­als, whether elec­tron­ic, oral or writ­ten, between the two of us..
This ser­vice does not con­sti­tute an offer to sell or a solic­i­ta­tion of an offer to buy any shares, secu­ri­ties or oth­er instru­ments to any per­son in any juris­dic­tion where it is unlaw­ful to make such an offer or solic­i­ta­tion. This ser­vice is not intend­ed to be any form of an invest­ment adver­tise­ment, invest­ment advice or invest­ment infor­ma­tion and has not been reg­is­tered under any secu­ri­ties law of any for­eign juris­dic­tion and is only for the infor­ma­tion of any per­son in any juris­dic­tion where it may be law­ful to offer such a ser­vice. We reserve the right to dis­close your per­son­al­ly iden­ti­fi­able infor­ma­tion as required by law and when we believe that dis­clo­sure is nec­es­sary to pro­tect our rights and/or to com­ply with a judi­cial pro­ceed­ing, court order, or legal process served on our Web site. Infor­ma­tion on the Web­site is not offered as advice on any par­tic­u­lar mat­ter and must not be treat­ed as a sub­sti­tute for spe­cif­ic advice. In par­tic­u­lar Infor­ma­tion on the Web­site does not con­sti­tute pro­fes­sion­al, finan­cial or invest­ment advice and must not be used as a basis for mak­ing invest­ment deci­sions and is in no way intend­ed, direct­ly or indi­rect­ly, as an attempt to mar­ket or sell any type of finan­cial instru­ment. Advice from a suit­ably qual­i­fied pro­fes­sion­al should always be sought in rela­tion to any par­tic­u­lar mat­ter or cir­cum­stances.