To  open account immediately scan  the following documents and send them to  After  verifying them  we will send filled application form ,GSV Brokerage Plans form and Acknowledement forms to your email.  Print them and sign   (34 signatures)  on all and paste one photo on KYC and one photo on application , sign halfway across photo and application  and send them  immediately with  self  attested  documents .


 2.Aadhaar Card provided by UIDAI

 3.PROOF OF IDENTITY( Any one below)


   b.Voter Id Card

   c.Driving License

4.PROOF OF ADDRESS ( Any one below)

   a.Residential Telephone bill/ Electricity Bill(not more than 2 months old)

   b.Passport or Voter id card or Driving license

5.Latest Bank Statement/ Passbook(not more than 2 months old).

6.Nominee name and details..(Paste photo on application).

7.Please provide one contact phone no. and E-mail id.

8. Cheque  favoring “GSV Securities Pvt Ltd.” for Rs. 500/- for account opening fee (will be adjusted later)  Funds should be transferred only through registered bank with us.

9.Cheque  signed and Cancelled  (MICR no.&IFSC code should be mentioned)

9. Two passport size photos .Sign halfway across the photo and application form.(one on KYC and second photo on Application form)

 In-Person Verification: The Exchange requires us to perform in-person verification, so you have to be available on a webcam at a later date for the in-person verification.

 Please  courier  signed Application form,GSV Brokerage Plan and Acknowledgement form   to:

GSV Securities Pvt Ltd.
49-24-62,2nd floor, Coastal Heights,
Shankaramatam Road,
Ph. 0891-2788111