To open account imme­di­ate­ly scan the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments and send them to After ver­i­fy­ing them we will send filled  appli­ca­tion form ‚GSV Bro­ker­age Plans form and Acknowl­ede­ment forms to your email. Print them and sign (34 sig­na­tures) on all and paste one  pho­to on KYC and one pho­to on appli­ca­tion , sign halfway across pho­to and appli­ca­tion and send them imme­di­ate­ly with self attest­ed doc­u­ments .


2.Aadhaar Card pro­vid­ed by UIDAI

3.PROOF OF IDENTITY( Any one below)


b.Voter Id Card

c.Driving License

4.PROOF OF ADDRESS ( Any one below)

a.Residential Tele­phone bill/ Elec­tric­i­ty Bill(not more than 2 months old)

b.Passport or Vot­er id card or Dri­ving license

5.Latest Bank Statement/ Passbook(not more than 2 months old).

6.Nominee name and details..(Paste pho­to on appli­ca­tion).

7.Please pro­vide one con­tact phone no. and E-mail id.

8. Cheque favor­ing “GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd.” for Rs. 500/- for account open­ing fee (will be adjust­ed lat­er) Funds should be trans­ferred only
through reg­is­tered bank with us.

9.Cheque signed and Can­celled (MICR no.&IFSC code should be men­tioned)

9. Two pass­port size pho­tos .Sign halfway across the pho­to and appli­ca­tion form.(one on KYC and sec­ond pho­to on Appli­ca­tion form)

In-Per­son Ver­i­fi­ca­tion: The Exchange requires us to per­form in-per­son ver­i­fi­ca­tion, so you have to be avail­able on a web­cam at a lat­er date for the  in-per­son ver­i­fi­ca­tion.

Please couri­er signed Appli­ca­tion form,GSV Bro­ker­age Plan and Acknowl­edge­ment form to:

GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd.
49–24–62,2nd floor, Coastal Heights,
Shankara­matam Road,
Ph. 0891–2788111