1.Keep a regular check of your Trading and Depository account.
2.Scrutinize each transaction in your account and ensure that each is carried out as per your instructions only.
3.Familiarize yourself with the Risk Disclosure Document (RDD) before commencement of trade.
4.Call on the landline numbers of your local branch and give clear and unambiguous instructions while placing orders over the phone. In case you visit the branch office, kindly give your orders in writing.
5.Maintain secrecy of your password in case of Internet Trading, since you are solely responsible for all transactions effected from its usage. The password should be distinct & periodically changed to ensure security.
6.Settle the funds and securities obligations as per Stock Exchange Rules. Always transfer funds only from your own bank accounts. We do not accept funds other than from your registered Bank accounts with us.
7.Provide accurate Email id, Client id, Depository ID, Mobile Number and Contact Details to ensure prompt receipt of correspondence such as contract notes, e-mails and other information.
8.The correspondence address should always be updated.
9. Please bear in mind that while it is our endeavor to inform you in case of margin call, it is also your responsibility to maintain the required margins. GSV Securities Private Limited reserves the right to square off any outstanding positions in case of shortfall in margin and delay in payments.
10.Transact through registered Stock Exchanges and intermediaries.
11.Intimate any change in KYC details and ensure that it is properly updated in the database.
12.Be more vigilant while transacting in illiquid scrips.
13. Transactions should be in line with financial details provided.
14. Use own fund for transactions.
15.Make payment only through cheque and electronic transfers.
16.All the DD payments more than Rs.50,000/- should be accompanied by Bank confirmation letter.
17.Use Re-activation letter for in-active accounts more than 6months period.
18.Monitor your transactions regularly and in case of any irregularities, kindly contact us through letters or e-mail us.

19. Deal only with/ through SEBI registered intermediaries.

20.Be aware that advice through television or print media does not mean that it is the opinion of the channel or   publisher.

21.Be extra cautious while using information available from media sources such as Websites/ Blogs/ Newspaper Advertisements/  SMS’s Emails/rumours/ advice through television or print media for information and tips for intra-day, short term or   long term investing.




1.Do not reveal your personal details to anyone, especially your Trading password.
2.If you are not familiar with computers and e-mails, please do not opt for Digital Contract Notes (DCN) rather opt for physical contract notes.
3.Do not believe in baseless and false assurances of guaranteed returns. There is no assurance of guaranteed or fixed periodic returns from Capital Market.
4.Do not believe in any kind of promises made about assured returns by our employees or Sub brokers or Authorised Persons or Marketing Associates. They are not authorized or qualified to give such assurances or promises.
5.Do not sign blank Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) issued for Depository transactions and hand over the same to any Depository Participant or broker.
6.Do not get misled by guarantees of repayment on your investments through post dated cheques.
7.Whenever possible, avoid payments through drafts.
8.Do not participate in circular trading and cross trading.
9.Do not participate in any market manipulation activities
10.Do not give any cash for settlement of trading activities.
11.Do not make third party cheque payments.  

12.Do not get carried away by advertisements promising unrealistic gains and windfall profits.

13.Do not invest based on market rumours or unconfirmed or unauthentic news.

14..Do not be guided by astrological predictions on share prices and market movements.

15.Do not make investment decisions on the basis of implicit/explicit promises made by anyone.

16.Do not be unduly influenced by indicative returns.

17.Do not be unduly influenced by Bull Runs/Bear Runs while making investment decisions.