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We are an online discount brokerage firm offering brokerage services for stocks, future and options on NSE and Mcx .  We have no account minimums or hidden costs, which translates into lower costs and hassle free trading for you. So please open new account  with GSV Securities Private Limited at Visakhapatnam.

Brokerage Plans

Now get best value for your money by opting for the “1999  and 2999 unlimited monthly plans” and break-free from having to pay brokerages every time you trade .Trade unlimited across NSE cash,  NSE  F&O  and Mcx with zero brokerage costs.

Now you can trade at just Rs. 500  per crore and  avail of our yearly  plan  for just Rs.1000 for an Year ! 

Account Opening

1. Account Opening charges (Trading) – nil

2.Annual Maintenance Charges for Trading Account-nil. *It is not mandatory to open a DP Account with us for delivery based trading.

3. DP Debit Charges – Rs.25 + CDSL Charges

4. STT ,  Service Tax, NSE  Turnover and Transaction Charges, SEBI charges are all as applicable market-wide.

*To open Free one month account transfer an amount Rs. 10000/- as margin and Rs.500 /- for documentory charges .After one month Rs. 500 will be adjusted according to your required plan. 


a. Intraday Margins for Cash:  3 times on available cash or collatral.

b. Intraday Margins for   Futures:  INDEX :  5 times on avalable cash.  STOCK FUTURES : 3 times on avalable cash. 

c. For holding Equity Futures overnight, above margins or exchange stipulated margins whichever  higher is  required.

*100% premium amount required for buying options

Trading Platform

We bring to you NSE NOW - State of the art online trading platform so you can make the most of the opportunities in today’s market. NSE NOW is one of the fastest, reliable and user-friendly platforms available in the country today. Servers are co-located inside NSE thus ensuring tick by tick rate updates and quick order routing. NSE NOW comes in downloadable, WEB as well as MOBILE versions.

Funds Transfer

Funds can be transferred through payment gateway, net banking, NEFT, RTGS and Cheque. Details of our bank accounts are available on the website for the purpose. Funds must be transferred through your bank accounts registered with us. A payout can be requested through back office or from website or  mailed to All payout requests will be processed by the end of that trading day.

Margin Against Shares

Get margin against shares and unlock the potential of your portfolio.To avail margin against shares you would need to transfer the shares from your DP to our beneficiary account at GSV Securities dp account. As soon as the shares are transferred, you'll get margin against those shares after the exchange prescribed haircut.

Online Back Office

The Back Office system allows you to view your trading activity since you joined GSV Securities . At the end of each day, your trading activity is uploaded from NSE  NOW to your account for your perusal. Use this data to
understand your historical trading activity, file tax returns, and other accounting purposes.

Call & Trade

GSV Securities brings Call & Trade service for your online stock trading account. This facility allows you to put an order even when your computer is inaccessible. Call & Trade essentially provides you the convenience of trading in Equities, Derivatives over the phone.

If you are an online trading account holder, you just have to dial on our numbers 9885155668 or 9885155667 from anywhere in India and you will immediately get connected to our Call & Trade desk. On getting connected, our Call & Trade dealer will ask a few questions to verify your identity. Immediately after your verification, you would be able to place / modify / cancel orders.

The charges are for First 10 Calls per month-Free and after 10 Calls - Rs. 20 per executed order. Over & above free calls Call&trade charges will be reflected in your ledger statement.

Client and Trading 

*Every client is registered with us after due completion of designated KYC and satisfactory identification.

*Detailed information of every client is recorded before commencing transaction for any new client.

*Initial margin is collected from the respective client either in form of funds or securities and accordingly trading limit is provided to each client.

*Exposure / Limits are set for each respective client on the basis of deposits / credits available and are being monitored on the real time basis.

* Real time client-wise Risk Management is done in Derivatives Segment, along with control on margin & MTM obligations.

*Margin calls are done to the clients in case of margin short falls and accordingly funds / securities are collected from respective client.

*Credits so received are recorded / posted into respective client’s margin / ledger statement accordingly.

*Trading in “Z” and “Trade to Trade* catogory securities  has been restricted as a precautionary measure against predictive price manipulation due to illiquid in nature and incase of any exit route desired by the retail client, sale is permitted from HO, against strict surveillance.

*Trading in illiquid Options contract and shorting of  Option contract  is being restricted and permitted against due diligence.

*Continuous Training is given to all the dealers, so as to exercise caution while putting orders in illiquid counters, especially options segment to avoid profits / loss transfer and / or trade reversal away from prevailing market price.

Note:  Plese carefully read the Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions for the plans listed in the website to open an Account with GSV Securities Pvt Ltd. ,Visakhapatnam.