Open  Account with  GSV Secu­ri­ties !

We are an online  bro­ker­age firm offer­ing bro­ker­age ser­vices for stocks, future and options on NSE and MCX .  We have no account min­i­mums or hid­den costs, which trans­lates into low­er costs and has­sle free trad­ing for you. So please open new account  with GSV Secu­ri­ties Pri­vate Lim­it­ed at  Visakha­p­at­nam.

Bro­ker­age Plans

Now get best val­ue for your mon­ey by opt­ing Rs.10/- per order  or  Rs.500/- for One crore Turnover as Intra­day  Bro­ker­age

Account Open­ing :   1. Account Open­ing charges (Trad­ing) – nil

2.Annual Main­te­nance Charges for Trad­ing Account-nil. *It is not manda­to­ry to open a DP Account with us for deliv­ery based trad­ing.

3. DP Deb­it Charges – Rs.25 + CDSL Charges

4. STT ,  Ser­vice Tax, NSE  Turnover and Trans­ac­tion Charges, SEBI charges are all as applic­a­ble mar­ket-wide.

*To open Free one month account trans­fer an amount Rs. 50000/- as mar­gin  .

Mar­gins: a. Intra­day Mar­gins for Cash:  4 times on avail­able cash or col­lat­er­al. b. Intra­day Mar­gins for   Futures:  INDEX :  5 times on avail­able cash.  STOCK FUTURES : 4 times on avail­able cash. c. For hold­ing Equi­ty Futures overnight, above mar­gins or exchange stip­u­lat­ed mar­gins whichev­er  high­er is  required. *100% pre­mi­um amount required for buy­ing options Trad­ing Plat­form :

We bring to you NSE NOW — State of the art online trad­ing plat­form so you can make the most of the oppor­tu­ni­ties in today’s mar­ket. NSE NOW is one of the fastest, reli­able and user-friend­ly plat­forms avail­able in the coun­try today. Servers are co-locat­ed inside NSE thus ensur­ing tick by tick rate updates and quick order rout­ing. NSE NOW comes in down­load­able, WEB as well as MOBILE ver­sions.

Funds Trans­fer :

Funds can be trans­ferred through pay­ment gate­way, net bank­ing, NEFT, RTGS and Cheque. Details of our bank accounts are avail­able on the web­site for the pur­pose. Funds must be trans­ferred through your bank accounts reg­is­tered with us. A pay­out can be request­ed through back office or from web­site or  mailed to All pay­out requests will be processed by the end of that trad­ing day.

Mar­gin Against Shares :

Get mar­gin against shares and unlock the poten­tial of your portfolio.To avail mar­gin against shares you would need to trans­fer the shares from your DP to our ben­e­fi­cia­ry account at GSV Secu­ri­ties dp account. As soon as the shares are trans­ferred, you’ll get mar­gin against those shares after the exchange pre­scribed hair­cut.

Online Back Office :

The Back Office sys­tem allows you to view your trad­ing activ­i­ty since you joined GSV Secu­ri­ties . At the end of each day, your trad­ing activ­i­ty is uploaded from NSE  NOW to your account for your perusal. Use this data to under­stand your his­tor­i­cal trad­ing activ­i­ty, file tax returns, and oth­er account­ing pur­pos­es. Call & Trade :

GSV Secu­ri­ties brings Call & Trade ser­vice for your online stock trad­ing accounts. This facil­i­ty allows you to put an order even when your com­put­er is inac­ces­si­ble. Call & Trade essen­tial­ly pro­vides you the con­ve­nience of trad­ing in Equi­ties, Deriv­a­tives over the phone.

If you are an online trad­ing account hold­er, you just have to dial on our num­bers 9885155668 or 9885155667 from any­where in India and you will imme­di­ate­ly get con­nect­ed to our Call & Trade desk. On get­ting con­nect­ed, our Call & Trade deal­er will ask a few ques­tions to ver­i­fy your iden­ti­ty. Imme­di­ate­ly after your ver­i­fi­ca­tion, you would be able to place / mod­i­fy / can­cel orders.

The charges are for First 10 Calls per month-Free and after 10 Calls — Rs. 20 per exe­cut­ed order. Over & above free calls Call&trade charges will be reflect­ed in your ledger state­ment.

Client and Trad­ing :

*Every client is reg­is­tered with us after due com­ple­tion of des­ig­nat­ed KYC and sat­is­fac­to­ry iden­ti­fi­ca­tion.

*Detailed infor­ma­tion of every client is record­ed before com­menc­ing trans­ac­tion for any new client.

*Ini­tial mar­gin is col­lect­ed from the respec­tive client either in form of funds or secu­ri­ties and accord­ing­ly trad­ing lim­it is pro­vid­ed to each client.

*Expo­sure / Lim­its are set for each respec­tive client on the basis of deposits / cred­its avail­able and are being mon­i­tored on the real time basis.

* Real time client-wise Risk Man­age­ment is done in Deriv­a­tives Seg­ment, along with con­trol on mar­gin & MTM oblig­a­tions.

*Mar­gin calls are done to the clients in case of mar­gin short falls and accord­ing­ly funds / secu­ri­ties are col­lect­ed from respec­tive client.

*Cred­its so received are record­ed / post­ed into respec­tive client’s mar­gin / ledger state­ment accord­ing­ly.

*Trad­ing in “Z” and “Trade to Trade* cato­go­ry secu­ri­ties  has been restrict­ed as a pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure against pre­dic­tive price manip­u­la­tion due to illiq­uid in nature and incase of any exit route desired by the retail client, sale is per­mit­ted from HO, against strict sur­veil­lance.

*Trad­ing in illiq­uid Options con­tract and short­ing of  Option con­tract  is being restrict­ed and per­mit­ted against due dili­gence.

*Con­tin­u­ous Train­ing is giv­en to all the deal­ers, so as to exer­cise cau­tion while putting orders in illiq­uid coun­ters, espe­cial­ly options seg­ment to avoid prof­its / loss trans­fer and / or trade rever­sal away from pre­vail­ing mar­ket price.

Note:  Please care­ful­ly read the Dis­claimer and Terms and Con­di­tions for the plans list­ed in the web­site to open an Account with GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Ltd. ‚Visakha­p­at­nam.