Terms and con­di­tions for  the  Bro­ker­age Plans :

Gen­er­al Terms and con­di­tions for  the  Bro­ker­age Accounts :

  1. All plans avail­able  Online Trad­ing only .
  2. Trad­ing Allowed in select­ed scrips only.
  3. All posi­tions Should be closed before 3.10 pm
  4. After 3.10 pm posi­tions will be squared up with­out fur­ther notice.
  5. All impor­tant mes­sages will be sent by ter­mi­nal or sms .
  6. 12 months advance bro­ker­age should be paid in advance for all unlim­it­ed plans.
  7. Advance bro­ker­age can be treat­ed as mar­gin.
  8. Call and trade charges are  Rs.20/- per exe­cut­ed order.
  9. All ser­vices and plans here  offered are at the sole dis­cre­tion  of  GSV Secu­rites and can close at any time.
  10. Deb­its will not be allowed  so clear all deb­it by the day end oth­er­wise trad­ing is not allowed fur­ther.
  11. If deb­its not cleared the scrips put for mar­gins will be sold and cred­it­ed to the account with­out any notice.
  12. NSE deriv­a­tives not allowed with­out cash mar­gin as required.
  13. The ben­e­fits offered under the Pro­gram can­not be clubbed or pass to old clients
  14. GSV Secu­rites may change the terms and con­di­tions , or add new terms and con­di­tions  at any time, with or with­out cause, and with­out giv­ing you notice. In addi­tion, GSV Secu­rites  may sus­pend, can­cel, add, mod­i­fy or delete any fea­ture offered in con­nec­tion with your PLAN   at our sole dis­cre­tion at any time, with or with­out cause, and with­out giv­ing you notice.
  15. Rs. 25000 /- mar­gin should be main­tained  for Rs. 500 per Crore plan.
  16. All Admin squared up orders will be charged Rs.20/- per order.
  1. For All plans Dig­i­tal Con­tract notes  would be sent via Email.
  2. Phys­i­cal copies of Con­tract notes shall be charged Rs 20 / con­tract and  Couri­er Charges extra.
  3. All NSE Charges, Trans­ac­tion Charges, Ser­vice tax­es  and Statu­to­ry Levies will be charged as applic­a­ble.
  4. Sell­ing of deliv­er­ies allowed after receiv­ing of scrips in to our DP only.
  5. Short deliv­ery of scrips in cash seg­ment is strict­ly not allowed.
  6. If any short deliv­ery , all deb­its from nse (auc­tion debit,stt and oth­ers) will be charged with 1% deliv­ery charges.
  7. GSV Secu­ri­ties Pvt Lim­it­ed is not respon­si­ble for any short deliv­ery.
  8. In deriv­a­tive seg­ment all Mar­gin Short penal­ties charged to client .
  9. Mar­gins for Deriv­a­tive seg­ment is  as detailed in the plan or NSE FAO Mar­gin whichev­er is high­er.
  10. All plans list­ed in the web­site are pro­mo­tion­al  for small investors and small dai­ly  traders .(Deliv­ery lim­it is  dai­ly  Ten Lakh rupees  and Twen­ty five lakh rupees  posi­tion lim­it for F&o seg­ment ) So please con­tact for full details.
  11. Trans­fer amount from giv­en bank account only.
  12. Lim­its will be giv­en after amount cred­it­ed in to the GSV Secu­ri­ties Bank Account.
  13. If Dig­i­tal con­tract notes and state­ments sent to E-mail of the client get­ting bounced then the same will be dis­patched to you by couri­er or post. Charges for per cov­er is Rs.25/- will be deb­it­ed to client account. If you donot wish by post let us inform the rectified/ new E-mail in writ­ing (E-mail Mod­i­fi­ca­tion Form) and by rec­ti­fied / new E-mail.
  14. The Trad­ing soft­ware NOW is pro­vid­ing by NSE of India  for free of cost.If NSE charges any amount for NOW   we will inform  and  All charges will be deb­it­ed to your account.