Terms and conditions for  the  Brokerage Plans :

General Terms and conditions for  the  Brokerage Accounts :

  1. All plans available  Online Trading only .
  2. Trading Allowed in selected scrips only.
  3. All positions Should be closed before 3.10 pm
  4. After 3.10 pm positions will be squared up without further notice.
  5. All important messages will be sent by terminal or sms .
  6. 12 months advance brokerage should be paid in advance for all unlimited plans.
  7. Advance brokerage can be treated as margin.
  8. Call and trade charges are  Rs.20/- per executed order. 
  9. All services and plans here  offered are at the sole discretion  of  GSV Securites and can close at any time.
  10. Debits will not be allowed  so clear all debit by the day end otherwise trading is not allowed further.
  11. If debits not cleared the scrips put for margins will be sold and credited to the account without any notice.
  12. NSE derivatives not allowed without cash margin as required.  
  13. The benefits offered under the Program cannot be clubbed or pass to old clients
  14. GSV Securites may change the terms and conditions , or add new terms and conditions  at any time, with or without cause, and without giving you notice. In addition, GSV Securites  may suspend, cancel, add, modify or delete any feature offered in connection with your PLAN   at our sole discretion at any time, with or without cause, and without giving you notice.
  15. Rs. 25000 /- margin should be maintained  for Rs. 500 per Crore plan.
  1. For All plans Digital Contract notes  would be sent via Email.
  2. Physical copies of Contract notes shall be charged Rs 20 / contract and  Courier Charges extra.
  3. All NSE Charges, Transaction Charges, Service taxes  and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable.
  4. Selling of deliveries allowed after receiving of scrips in to our DP only.
  5. Short delivery of scrips in cash segment is strictly not allowed.
  6. If any short delivery , all debits from nse (auction debit,stt and others) will be charged with 1% delivery charges.
  7. GSV Securities Pvt Limited is not responsible for any short delivery.
  8. In derivative segment all Margin Short penalties charged to client .
  9. Margins for Derivative segment is  as detailed in the plan or NSE FAO Margin whichever is higher.
  10. All plans listed in the website are promotional  for small investors and small daily  traders .(Delivery limit is  daily  Ten Lakh rupees  and Twenty five lakh rupees  position limit for F&o segment ) So please contact for full details.
  11. Transfer amount from given bank account only.
  12. Limits will be given after amount credited in to the GSV Securities Bank Account.
  13. If Digital contract notes and statements sent to E-mail of the client getting bounced then the same will be dispatched to you by courier or post. Charges for per cover is Rs.25/- will be debited to client account. If you donot wish by post let us inform the rectified/ new E-mail in writing (E-mail Modification Form) and by rectified / new E-mail.
  14. The Trading software NOW is providing by NSE of India  for free of cost.If NSE charges any amount for NOW   we will inform  and  All charges will be debited to your account.